Xifan Yang’s first book “Als die Karpfen fliegen lernten” was published in 2015 by Hanser Berlin, which tells Chinese history 80 years younger using the example of Xifan Yang’s family history.

Cover des Buchs Als die Karpfen fliegen lernten

Press Comments

„My colleagues and I have never entered the life of a Chinese family that close. A family history, private and political at the same time, a unique view from close proximity to three generations of a country whose development has decisively changed the face of the world.“

– Gerd Ruge

„Very amusing, sometimes moving and very interesting.“

– Franziska Augstein, SZ

„Xifan Yang’s brilliantly written, moving book gives hope that China’s future will be shaped by people who face the assaults of politics with as much courage, humanity and attachment as the relatives of the Peng and Yang families.“

– Frank Kaspar, Deutschlandradio Kultur

„By means of this family portrait we finally learn more about China than the usual journalism is willing to betray. A wonderful book.“

– Walter von Rossum, WDR 3